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Young Artist Handbook

Keys to Success within our Youth Programming

Please read this handbook in its entirety. Registration in any of our youth programs requires that a parent/guardian sign a written version of this, acknowledging their understanding and agreement to the terms below. 2022/2023 Season Pricing can be found below.



Registration Fees are $50 for Young Artists ages 7 and older regardless of what programs they participate in. The fee is $35 for youth registering age 6 and under. This is fee is required in order to begin courses. It is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-redeemable.

Tuition Payments

Tuition will not be pro-rated, refunded or credited for snow days and/or
other acts of nature, missed classes, 

and/or unforeseen 


The rate is consistent regardless of the number of weeks in a month. Preferred forms of payment include Dance Studio-Pro Parent Portal/Invoice, Cash or Card. Tuition will not  be accepted via Cash App, Venmo or Paypal.


On the 4th of the month, a $20 late fee is added to past due tuition balances. If the balance remains unsatisfied, there will be another $10 late fee added on the 8th. If the tuition, including all late fees, continues to be completely satisfied after the 10th of the month, the young artist will not be able to attend classes until the balance is paid in full. Tuition payments are non-refundable, non-redeemable and non-transferable.

S2MS reserves the right to utilize funds dedicated to other areas for tuition payment should the balance become excessive.

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Program Placement


S2MS Faculty reserves the right to place young artists in the appropriate program we feel is sufficient for their growth. 

The Pre-Professional Program/ selects ONLY 7 students per year. These students are evaluated over the course of the previous year and invited to audition based off of a number of characteristics. After auditioning, a select few are invited to the interview process where their family and the director(s) discuss their future. This program is designed for the seriously, dedicated young artist AND family that is looking to consider Dance as a career option.

Potential Members of the Competitive Company must also audition in order to be considered. Although experience for this level is NOT required, a extreme level of dedication from both the young artist and family is. Certain technical skills will be taken into consideration when selecting members of this award-winning company. Artists along with their families will have to participate in an enrollment appointment to ensure that their dance goals are aligned with the vision of this program.


The other youth programs, The Concert Dance Program & Recreational Courses are great for families who are looking for incredible training and less commitment. Our staff and faculty will properly place your artist with all of these factors in mind. 


Consistency is Key!!! A major contributing factor to the success of our young artists is their level of commitment to the craft. In order for the artists to grow efficiently and in an expedited fashion they need to attend all of their scheduled classes. We understand that life happens. However, it is our job to give our artists the necessary tools to be successful in dance and in life. We can only do this when they are consistently present.


Occasionally, Competitive Company and Pre-Professional Program Members require additional time for supplementary training and performance opportunities.  Young Artists who desire to participate in these programs should be aware of and prepared for the added commitment.

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Artist Expectations


At S2MS, we teach our young artists many valuable traits that will guide them to becoming not only amazing dance artists but genuinely good people. It begins with instilling a sense of responsibility and accountability in them. Below are the expectations we have for our young artists.

- Please communicate absences and tardiness in writing in advance. Attendance is mandatory unless excused by the director.

- Proper Dance Attire and Shoes must be worn to all classes. Artists may not be allowed to participate without it.

Parent Participation

We are a family!!! That means that we are all essential parts to the success of the youth programs. Everyone's assistance is needed to help create the best experiences for all involved. Below are some ways one can contribute:

- Checking out the monthly studio wish list, which will be located in the BAND/Parent Portal, and purchasing or contributing to the purchase of items listed.
- Helping out at events whether backstage, setting up in front, running around or in any way communicated by S2MS Staff.
- Providing meals for young artists during extended rehearsals, performances and other appropriate times.
- Assisting with planning for events
- Donations of any kind for various things
- Assistance with carpooling the young artist to and from destinations
- Costume/Prop Assistance for Competitions & Performances
and much more!!!

Every family has a different level of flexibility when it comes to being able to participate or assist. However, it is imperative that every one contributes. We need families to be committed to helping as much as possible.


Fundraising Responsibilities

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The events below assist with generating revenue for numerous aspects of the studio. From programming and equipment needs to upkeep and other young artist related expenses, these fundraisers help S2MS make things happen. Below are the some of the minimum artist requirements for each fundraising opportunity:

(Raises funds to assist with commissioning Celebrity Choreographers for residencies and other opportunities.)
(Every Artist Must sell or purchase at least 5 General Admission Tickets)

S.L.A.Y (Save Local Arts for Youth):

Metro-Detroit's Eclectic Dance Showcase
(Raises funds to create scholarships for talented, underprivileged youth)
(Every Artist Must sell or purchase at least 5 General Admission Tickets)

Pistons Game Performance (2)
(Assists with a variety of studio necessities)
(Every Artist Must sell or purchase at least 2 of the cheapest tickets)

Poppin' Popcorn Fundraiser (2)
(Assists with Production Costs for Our Annual Showcases)
(Every Performing/Competing Artist Must sell at least $100 worth of products or pay $100)


2022/2023 Youth Programming Pricing

Recreational Courses/Concert Dance Program 

Preschool Age (3 -5)

"Little Artists I"

1 Courses = $45

2 Courses = $80

3 Courses = $110

4+ Courses = $135

Mini Age (6-9)

"Mini Artists I"

1 Courses = $50

2 Courses = $85

3 Courses = $125

4+ Courses = $150

Jr./Teen/Sr. Age (10+)

"The Young Dance Artist Development Program"

1 Courses = $55

2 Courses = $90

3 Courses = $135

4+ Courses = $175

Competitive Company 

Preschool Age (3 -5)

"Little Artists II"


Mini Age (6-9)

"Mini Artists II"


Jr./Teen/Sr. Age (10+)


The Artist In The Making Program

Must be at least 10 years old to be considered for this Elite, Competitive & Pre-Professional Program.


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