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Space Rental Options curated for all of your needs

A Haven of Infinite Possibilities where your creativity can flourish

At SKilSet Movement Studios, beauty, professionalism and convenience meet. Our newly renovated facility offers clean, spacious studio space at affordable rental rates, making it the perfect choice for your next rehearsal, class, event or gathering. Conveniently located near numerous major freeways, S2MS is the ideal venue for all your needs. We offer different room options to accommodate your event needs and pride ourselves on creating an inviting space for all. Book now and experience the perfect blend of quality, accessibility and affordability!!!

Space Rental Policy

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The agreement to lease studio space becomes effective immediately upon payment completion, between SKILSET MOVEMENT STUDIOS LLC ("Company") and the Client listed on this booking ("Renter"). By booking, the Renter acknowledges and agrees to abide by these Terms and Conditions, regardless of whether they have reviewed them. Therefore, in exchange for the mutual commitments and assurances outlined below, the parties involved hereby consent to the following terms:


Reservations and Payment Process


In order to secure a studio rental, all fees must be paid in advance through our website, utilizing credit cards or other available payment options. Confirmation of the studio reservation is contingent upon both payment receipt and completion of a rental agreement. Renters are obliged to adhere to the prevailing studio rental rates established by the Company at the time of reservation. The duration of the rental is agreed upon during the booking process. The rental period commences at the designated time and concludes punctually as scheduled, encompassing setup, breakdown, and cleaning periods.


The Renter & Occupants must ensure the studio is cleaned and vacated by the rental period's conclusion. Unless stipulated otherwise in the rental contract with potential additional fees, no equipment or props may be delivered or retrieved post-event. A 5 minute grace period is permitted for overtime. Beyond this grace period, charges will apply at the prevailing hourly rate, billed in hourly segments.




The company's policy for cancellations follows a five-business-day week, covering Monday to Friday. Therefore, if a reservation for a Monday time slot is canceled by Thursday morning before it, it is considered a two-business-day notice.


Cancellation charges are outlined as below:


1 to 2 business days notice: 50% of the rental cost

Less than 1 business day notice: No refund


If the company cancels a renter's reservation due to a controllable circumstance, the renter will have the option of rescheduling or receiving a full refund. The company is not liable for unexpected incidents that may impact the event, such as equipment failures, power cuts, severe weather, acts of God, or emergencies. In such cases, the company will reimburse the renter a prorated amount if the rental has begun or give rescheduling priority if the rental has not yet started.


Conduct, Policies & Rules


The renter bears full responsibility for the behavior and well-being of all individuals accompanying them while on the Company Premises. The renter agrees to:


No smoking within the premises.

Prohibition of alcoholic beverages on-site.

Maintaining a reasonable noise level (the renter assumes legal and financial liability for any noise violations incurred during their rental period).

Avoid hanging or attaching any items to the walls.

Use non-marking shoes and fixtures on the vinyl floors.

Refrain from using the reception desk or computer.

No consumption of food or drinks in the studio, especially in the vicinity of the sound system.

Prior written consent from a Company representative is required for bringing pets onto the premises.

Strict adherence to a no-gun policy.

Prohibition of any hazardous, illegal, or negligent practices, activities, or substances.

A Company representative may be present at all times at the sole discretion of the Company.

Compliance with the intended use for the rental space.


Our brand , name or logo cannot be included in any content featuring profanity, drugs, alcohol, guns, violence, or any material that could be detrimental to individuals or entities. Additionally, our brand, name or logo should not be shared on any platform if its use is deemed inappropriate or contradictory to our brand standards.


Should the representative detect or become aware of any infractions of the rules, they retain the authority to halt the event and may necessitate the immediate departure of the Renter and their party. In such instances, no reimbursement will be provided for any remaining time. It is important to note that the company and its representatives do not bear responsibility for intervening in such circumstances.


Liability & Media Release


The utilization of the Company's studio and equipment entails inherent risks for the renter. By using these facilities, the renter explicitly renounces the right to pursue legal action for any mishaps, accidents, or damages, whether direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential, that may occur to the renter, their guests, or belongings. Renters bear sole responsibility for any legal transgressions committed by themselves or their party while utilizing the facilities. Furthermore, the renter agrees to absolve SKILSET MOVEMENT STUDIOS LLC, its proprietor, agents, representatives, and contractors from any liability for injuries, accidents, or losses sustained by the renter or their companions on the premises. The renter commits to overseeing the behavior and well-being of all individuals accompanying them during their visit to the Company's premises. Additionally, the renter undertakes to indemnify and release SKILSET MOVEMENT STUDIOS LLC, its agents, representatives, and all authorized personnel from any legal actions stemming from the renter's behavior. This indemnification remains valid during and after the rental period, covering incidents occurring within this timeframe.

Furthermore, the Renter grants SKilSet Movement Studios, and related affiliates, permission to utilize images from the event for promotional purposes. Footage may be posted on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok & Youtube, the official website as well as other outlets if needed. The Renter understands that The Company will not abuse this privilege and that they will only share content of said event(s) that represents both brands well.




The company agrees to supply sound equipment in satisfactory working condition; however, it does not offer any specific warranties regarding the functionality or appropriateness of the equipment for the Renter's needs. The company disclaims any responsibility for equipment brought in or left by the Renter. Any belongings brought onto the Premises by the Renter must be taken off by the Renter. Possessions left unattended for over 7 days will be considered abandoned and may be disposed of without compensation to the Renter, at the Company's discretion.


At the end of the rental period, the renter must promptly pay for any equipment or studio repairs caused by damage or loss, whether by the renter or anyone in their group, within four business days. The renter is also accountable for any harm to the premises, including the sound system, dance or carpeted floors, mirrors, spills, excessive wear, and marks or stains on furniture, fixtures, or painted surfaces. Additionally, it is the renter's responsibility to restore the studio to its original state; failure to comply will incur a $100 fee.


Acknowledgement of Agreement


This policy delineates the comprehensive understanding and mutual agreement between the Renter and the Company. Any alterations to this Agreement necessitate written documentation signed by both parties. The Renter has thoroughly reviewed the Agreement and is committed to upholding all stipulated terms. The individual acting as the Renter assumes full responsibility for ensuring timely payment in accordance with the terms outlined.

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