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Youth Programs

Curriculums Designed to Cultivate the Artists of Tomorrow



We specialize in assisting our youth with becoming well-rounded artists in an expedited fashion. Our curriculum was uniquely designed to instill five characteristics into the young artists, Work Ethic, Diligence, Versatility, Technical Proficiency and Presentation. We believe these life principles will aide them regardless of where life takes them. Our youth become not only talented, employable artists but productive members of society!!! 

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The Artist In the Making
Program (AIM)

The AIM Program was created to equip passionate, talented youth with the necessary tools to be successful should they choose to journey into dance as a career path. This Elite Competitive/Pre-Professional Program transforms great dancers into extraordinary artists. Our cunning-edge training methods push the limits of the young artists in an effort to maximize their potential. With our rigorous curriculum, pre-professional development experiences and industry background, we are able to create artists who excel in dance and in life!!!

Molding the Artists of Tomorrow, One SKill at a Time

The members of this program meet 3-5 days a week and in that time train in a variety of styles including, but not limited to; Ballet, Hip Hop, Conditioning, Turns, Leaps & Jumps, Tap, Technique (Classic Modern & Jazz Concepts), Contemporary/Lyrical, Tumbling, Acrobatics and more. Workshops, in-studio conventions, competitions & specialty classes require additional fees.

The program includes numerous opportunities in:

  • Competitions & Conventions

  • Artist Representation/Management

  • Community Service Endeavors

  • Pre-Professional Development

  • Professional Dance Experience

  • Industry Training with Celebrity Choreographers

  • Introduction to Choreographing

  • Professionally Recorded Photography/Videography


The Competitive Company (Comp. Co)

The Competitive Company was formed to create a positive, inviting space where youth can grow rapidly. Designed for youth who are extremely interested in dance, this program provides high quality training structured that will guide them on a path to exceeding their potential. This Beginner/Intermediate Competitive Program is uniquely curated to be able to provide a strategic curriculum for each individual based on their goal-based needs and desires.


Experience is highly recommended but not required to participate. Interested youth must possess a strong desire to learn and a willingness to work hard. With time, these students will also exude the 5 main principles to success and will begin to tap into their artistry!

The Next Level Awaits...

The members of this program will attend classes 2 - 4 days a week. They are required to train in courses that are related to the styles they are selected to compete in and may choose others to supplement their training experience. Participants may also take advantage of a plethora of incredible opportunities similar to the pre-professional artists. 

The program includes numerous opportunities in:

  • Competitions & Conventions

  • Showcases & Performances 

  • Community Service Endeavors

  • Pre-Professional Development

  • Master Classes with Celebrity Choreographers

  • Team Building and Leadership Development Skills

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Comp Co

The Concert Dance Training Program


Recreational Dance Courses

S2MS Recreational Courses are great for youth who are looking to explore the art of dance. The training from our dedicated, seasoned faculty molds them into not only astounding young dance artists but productive members of society. The SKILLS and values that these youth develop will aide them no matter where their aspirations lead them in dance and life. Through our strategically designed curriculum, we inspire the youth of today to become the leaders of tomorrow!

Courses meet from September to July. Select Courses will perform in our summer community showcase. Participants of those courses will be responsible for costume fees. 

The Concert Dance Program is a non-competitive, preparatory company that develops young movement enthusiasts into dancers. Our dedicated, seasoned faculty introduce these aspiring artists to the concepts of dance etiquette, performance and movement quality and technical virtuosity. The Novice/Intermediate Level Dancers in this group take advantage of our incredible recreational classes and receive additional performance and training opportunities. The SKILLS and values that these youth develop aide them no matter where their aspirations lead them. 

No Experience? No Problem!!! We will turn your child's interest in dance into a passion that sculps them into not only a talented dancer but a great person.

Fun & Effective Dance Training for Youth

The members of this program will typically attend courses 1 - 3 days a week. The required courses vary based on the style of dance the appropriate age group may be showcasing. Families are encouraged to choose other courses outside of the required ones to supplement and expedite their young artist's training experience. 

The program includes numerous opportunities in:

  • Showcases & Performances 

  • Community Service Endeavors

  • Character Development

  • Team Building and Leadership Development Skills

More than Just a Dance Class

Young Artists may select as many or as few classes as they would like within their assigned level. Some classes may require director's approval. S2MS Attire & Shoes are required for participation.

We offer classes in the following styles:

  • Ballet

  • Acrobatics

  • Modern

  • Hip Hop/Jazz Funk

  • Lyrical/Contemporary

  • Improvisation/Creative Movement

  • Turns, Leaps & Jumps

  • Tumbling

  • Conditioning

  • Tap

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