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The Who's the BEaST Workshop Series was created to provide elite & industry level training opportunities for Michigan Dance Artists. It served as a fundraiser for SAVAGE Dance Festival which was an event curated to unify multiple facets of our performing arts and dance community. Founded in 2012, the series was one of the FIRST and BIGGEST events to consistently bring together so many talented Michigan-grown or based teachers, choreographers, crews, collectives, organizations, street dancers and more. With instruction in countless styles such as Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Jazz Funk, Lyrical, Tap, Isolations, Popping/Locking, Vogue, Majorette ("JSette"), Turns, Leaps & Jumps, Classic Jazz and more, WTBWS was surely ahead of it's time with offering cutting-edge training for dancers of all backgrounds, demographics, levels and ages at an affordable price.

Today, we're continuing that positive energy and valiant effort to assist with making the Midwest's Dance Community better and stronger than ever!!! The Who's the BEaST Workshop Series offers a premier training experience like none other by creating a welcoming space for all to grow. Featuring both Michigan Talent and some of the concert and commercial dance industry's most sought-after teachers, instructors and choreographers, this one of a kind workshop series will create countless opportunities for dance artists all around!!!

Stay tuned for our upcoming events in the near and distant future.

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