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Bring It Back Thursdays

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    1 hr 15 min

    15 US dollars

Classes at S2MS are intended to have every artist leave feeling positive & invited yet challenged. This Hip Hop Inspired, Urban Movement Class is certainly no exception!

Every week, you can be assured the energy will be high, the vibe will be spectacular and the choreography will be incredible!!! With the perfect balance of today's latest dance crazes, urban dance styles from all over the country and innovative movement quality, this class is sure to have every artist coming back!!! Whether your Hip Hop Journey is beginning or continuing, this class is a great opportunity to train. Join us this and every Thursday to experience the class the whole city is talking about. 


Deha "Cheeze" Brownleaf

Melodic Nocturne Dance Tribe, Next Level Dance Crew, Hip Hop Dancer Artist

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