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Motivational Mondays 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Want to improve rapidly and/or become a well-rounded dancing powerhouse? If so, this class is for you!!!

THIS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE HEELS CLASS. Designed to build technically proficient artists, this class allows artists, regardless of level, to maximize their movement by efficiently training their bodies to utilize the principles of Ballet, Modern & Jazz. It begins with exceptional Stretching, Strengthening and Conditioning exercises formed to push the limits of any artist and progresses to stylized movement that commands a sense of fluidity, musicality and poise. So are you ready to be motivated??? The positive yet productive energy of this class is infectious and you certainly won't leave any other way!

(Heels are encouraged but not required.)


Melissa Benners

BFA from Marygrove College, America's Best Dance Crew Season 2, Seasoned Professional Dance Artist

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