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Vinyasa Flow 

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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

When is the last time you intentionally focused on your own Relaxation, Balance, as well as Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health & Wellness?


Make time for yourself weekly in our Yoga Getaway. Our instructor, who was a professional dancer in NYC for nearly 10 years, is certified in 5 different types of Yoga & Meditation and holds a BA in Dance Theater Performance. He is also a licensed Hypnotherapist. Talk about QUALIFIED!!! His class is a reflection of all of his knowledge and experience. He challenges the artists who take his class both individually and collectively and allows them to take what they need from each experience. The soothing energy and restorative atmosphere in every class grants much needed attention to areas that are often left unattended to such as personal peace, spirituality and mental awareness. Join us weekly for this physical yet internal fitness course for the whole family!!!  


Dorian Banks

BFA from Marygrove College, Forces of Nature Dance Theater, Certified in 4 types of Yoga

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