Young Dance Artist Development
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The YDAD Program was created to equip passionate, talented youth with the necessary tools to be successful in  a dance  career path.  The program was specifically designed to instill five main characteristics, Versatility, Work Ethic, Diligence, Presentation & Technical Proficiency.  With these traits and a positive mental attitude, the possibilities in any facet of dance and life are limitless!

Molding the Minds of Tomorrow, One SKill at a Time

The Company meets 3-5 days a week and in that time trains in a variety of styles including, but not limited to, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz,  Modern, Contemporary/Lyrical, Acrobatics & Tumbling. Workshops,  In-Studio conventions, competitions & specialty classes require a small additional fee.

The program includes numerous opportunities in:

  • Competitive Dance

  • Showcase & Performance 

  • Community Service Endeavors

  • Pre-Professional Development

  • Professional Dance Experience

  • Industry-Level Training

  • Team Building and Leadership Skills

  • Introduction to Choreographing

Artist In the Making Program
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The Artist In Training Program was formed to create a positive, inviting space where youth can rapidly grow and develop through the immersion of dance arts. Designed for youth who are extremely interested in dance, this program provides quality training, from fundamental to industry level, to help mold youth into not just dancers but artists. No experience is required to be a part of the program. However, interested students must possess a strong desire to learn and a willingness to work hard. With time, the students in this facet of the YDAD Program will have lots of potential and will also exude the 5 main principles that we instill into the pre-professional artists.



The members of this program are required to attend classes at least twice a week. They will train in a variety of styles and participate in a plethora of incredible opportunities similar to the pre-professional artists.

Commercial Dance Training
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Professional Grade Dance Classes for Adults are scarce throughout the Metro- Detroit Area. We are striving to change that. This facet of our studio was designed to provide adults with a positive, inviting place where they can train extensively. Beginners, thriving professionals and every one in between can come learn from some of the leading instructors of Michigan and beyond at affordable rates.

We currently offer the following Adult Drop-In Dance Classes regularly:

  • Ballet

  • Contemporary Technique

  • Jazz Technique

  • Turns, Leaps & Jumps

  • Hip Hop (& numerous styles within the genre)

  • Heels