Youth Program Registration Form

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The Registration Fee is $50 and includes a



 I am authorized to sign and act on behalf of the aforementioned artist. I understand that completing the form, signing below & satisfying the NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee does not guarantee my artist's place in any specific program. I am aware that my artist may be asked to audition regardless of prior experience which may require an additional yet minimal fee. I acknowledge that my artist's program placement is the decision of the director although other factors will be considered at the time of placement. I also understand that my registration process is currently incomplete and that my artist will not be allowed to participate in the youth curriculum until I attend an enrollment appointment with the director and/or an S2MS Staff Member. By signing below, I agree to these terms and am ready to begin or continue my artist's journey to dance & life success!!! 

Thank You for registering. We are excited to be a part of your artist's journey!!!